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Hacking Method for Facebook Messenger

Hacking Method for Facebook Messenger Account Without Risking Getting Caught

The advent of the Internet also brought about the creation of social media platforms. In terms of popularity, Facebook has now amassed a total of 2.89 billion active users monthly, according to a recent report by Statistica. 

With so much going on with this social media platform, Facebook has become the epicentre of rekindling connections with friends and family. Although our introduction of Facebook began on a positive note, it has become a “sanctuary” for people looking to cheat without their partners knowing.

Have you noticed any signs of your partner cheating, and you’ve been asking – how to hack someone’s Facebook account? – questions on numerous search engines? Ride along as we take you through the entire process.

Why and How Would Someone Hack My Facebook?

Nowadays, people are learning how to hack someone’s Facebook account without changing their passwords online for so many reasons. 

If you’re scared of a Facebook hack being your reality very soon, here are some mediums that they can use to hack your Facebook account. They include:

  • Phishing

Pronounced the same as “fishing,” phishing, on the other hand, is an activity engaged by novice hackers to get into a person’s Facebook account. Here, you’re sent a fake Facebook link to log in.

The link is often an apparent copycat of the original Facebook website and thus, catches so many people unaware. When you sign in to your Facebook profile via this link, your details come into the view of the hacking party. Therefore, a hack becomes feasible.

  • Using a Keylogger

Tech-savvy individuals seeking ways to hack someone’s Facebook account can easily hack yours with a keylogger. While the concept seems self-explanatory, let’s get some perspective for you.

A keylogger is software that can detect what you type at any given point and log them without you having an idea. If you’re a target and a keylogger has been installed on your device, your logins are logged as you punch in every key on your keyboard (mobile device or PC).

  • Engaging the SS7 Vulnerability

You’re probably wondering why a term this tech-inclined appears on a – how can you hack someone’s Facebook account – article. While it looks ambiguous, hackers can use an SS7 vulnerability to access your account. 

Commonly referred to as the Signaling System Number 7, the SS7 is an add-on available on 800+ network providers worldwide. 

However, there’s a loophole as hackers have found a way to craft “malware-themed” messages to the mobile devices of unsuspecting people. Since the SS7 doesn’t check message contents, your device could send out private details to cybercriminals.

How to Hack on Facebook Messenger Without Being a Tech Wizard or Actual Spy

How to Check Boyfriend’s Facebook Messages

If you have a hunch that your boyfriend is cheating on you using Facebook messenger, you’ll have to confront him with facts. However, you’ll have to hack his account to get foolproof evidence.

One way you can do this is by using different password combinations. If you have been in a relationship with him for a while, you can use things he loves, places he likes visiting, or even his birthdate. 

How to Know Who Your Friend Is Chatting With on Facebook

First off, collect their phones. While their social media apps are probably password-protected, people typically forget to lock their emails, and you can use this rookie error to hack someone’s Facebook account. 

First off, search for their Facebook account by clicking “Forget Password” and ask for a password link sent via email. You can quickly change their passwords and see what they’ve been up to on Facebook when it’s sent.

How Do You Know if Your Partner Is in a Secret Conversation?

Stringent times call for stringent measures. If you feel your partner is in a secret conversation with someone else, you can use different Facebook hacking tools on the Internet. These tools are so good that all you need is the target’s Facebook ID to retrieve a password. 

However, don’t settle for free tools, as they can open up portals to steal intricate details on your device.

Hack Facebook Account Using a Software – mSpy (The Best Facebook Spy App)

How do I hack someone’s Facebook account? Well, if you’ve tried other mediums without much success, you might consider using a spy app that can hack Facebook profiles – mSpy.

So, How Do You Hack Messenger Using mSpy?

For starters, you’ll have to create a mSpy account and enter into a subscription plan (nothing’s free even in Freetown). Once you’ve entered a plan that suits your finances, it’s time to install the mSpy app on the target’s device.

Using the same logins you used to register, head to the mSpy control panel. Here, you can get all the information on the target’s cell phone whenever you like.

The Drawbacks of mSpy

First of all, to spy on a person, you’ll need to have physical access to their device for some minutes. So, if your target has their phones on them 24/7, things might get tricky.

While there’s the hope of this changing sometime soon, Android and iOS are constantly releasing security patches to ensure that end-users are safe. Thus, while remote spying is possible, remote installation isn’t.

Alternatives to Hacking Facebook Messenger Without mSpy

For hacking Facebook messenger without mSpy, there are loads of other options out there, including:

  • Spyic
  • Cocospy
  • Flexispy & lots more

However, mSpy trumps the above options with global adaptation, an easy to use interface, and cost-effectiveness.


In this article, we’ve given you insight into how your Facebook account can be hacked and pointers on how you can engage in the hacking process yourself. While there are lots of ways to do this, we recommend mSpy as it has garnered loads of positive reviews on a global scale.

With mSpy, install the app on the target’s smartphone and commence remote spying. Although it’s not 100% perfect (nothing is), it’s still the best Facebook hacking app as things stand.

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